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The Dog Master

The Dog Master : A novel of the first dog

How did it happen?

For more than 30,000 years, dogs have been our faithful companions. But it wasn’t always so: when our species was competing for scarce resources with bears and lions and Neanderthals, there were no dogs. We hunted with wooden spears and sharpened stones and were on the brink of extinction.

Everything changed when one of our enemies—the wolf—changed sides. With a pursuit predator at our sides, we were able to fend off the creatures hunting us and become better at providing for our families.

But evolution is a drip-by-drip biological process, taking centuries—centuries we didn’t have. For man and wolf to team together, something extraordinary in human history must have occurred. One man, one wolf, one lifetime—those are the ingredients that made the first dog.

Told against the backdrop of a brutal time in our species fight for survival, The Dog Master imagines how it must have happened, how we came to be friends with our mortal enemies.

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