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The two book novel series A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey are now taught in schools in all 50 states from Middle School to College Level. Winners of the coveted IndieBound NEXT Great Read and Library Journal starred review, the books have become required reading all over the world. The Common Core approved teaching guide written by an award-winning teacher is now available for free download using the links below.  The Puppy Tales (Bailey’s Story, Max’s Story, Molly’s Story, and Ellie’s Story) also have study guides for free download!

Some Puppy Tales Books have available “activity kits” for download. Please see the list below to download and print an activity kit for Children.

Teaching Guides
  • Study Guide No Slider – Other Guides

    "A Dog's Purpose/A Dog's Journey" Teaching Guide

    If you’ve read Dog’s Purpose or the sequel A Dog’s Journey, you are aware of the potential for using these novels to seize the imaginations of your students, and to get them thinking beyond the written page and into the deeper, more profound aspects of the story. Indeed, both books have been successfully used in grades as young as 5th and as old as 12th.

    Using feedback from these real world experiences, a pair of educators has created a study guide to assist teachers in using both books in the classroom. This study guide is available for download, free. The guide has been aligned to the CCR national standards and specific comprehension questions have been designed to meet these standards. Vocabulary development has been pre-leveled for students as: middle school level, high school level, and advanced level.

    where can i buy gabapentin uk
  • "Emory's Gift" Teaching Guide

    While exploring the woods of his home in northern Idaho, Charlie has a chance encounter with a grizzly bear. Things go very unexpectedly and Charlie quickly learns this very unique bear will change his life, and the lives of those around him forever. When others threaten to do the creature harm, it falls on Charlie and his father to protect it.

    neurontin online
    Study Guide No Slider – Other Guides
  • Study Guide No Slider – Other Guides

    "A Dog's Way Home" Study Guide

    This Guide is not available yet, but it is coming soon!

Puppy Tales | Teaching Guides
  • Study Guide no slide – Puppy Tales

    "Ellie's Story" Teaching Guide

    Ellie is a little puppy when she is adopted by Ethan, a K-9 police officer who trains her in search and rescue. She learns words like “work,” which means to “find” lost or injured people and “show” Jakob where these people are. But Jakob has a troubled past and is emotionally detached from his new dog, something Ellie can sense. Together they find and save people, and Ellie takes comfort from the work she is doing.

    how to get gabapentin online
  • "Max's Story" Teaching Guide

    As soon as he sets eyes on CJ, Max knows that she’s his girl and quickly figures out his purpose: to show her how to navigate the big city. Being a native New Yorker, Max knows how to take charge, even though he’s the smallest dog at the park. At the same time, with CJ’s help, Max learns that he doesn’t always have to be ferocious—sometimes, he can be “gentle Max” and make friends.

    can u buy neurontin online
    Study Guide no slide – Puppy Tales
  • Study Guide no slide – Puppy Tales

    "Bailey's Story" Teaching Guide

    Life is just wonderful for Bailey, a rambunctious Golden Retriever puppy who is adopted by his boy, Ethan. And life seems pretty good for Ethan, too: there’s a farm he visits in the summer (where a girl named Hannah lives down the road) and he has a family and is something of a football star at school.

    When a house fire permanently injures Ethan, his spirits go into a downward spiral. It’s up to his faithful friend Bailey to pull him out of the doldrums—a task for which a dog is ideally suited!

    buy gabapentin 300mg uk
  • "Molly's Story" Study Guide

    Meet Molly―a very special dog with a very important purpose. Molly knows that her purpose is to take care of her girl, C.J., but it won’t be easy. Neglected by her mother, Gloria, who won’t allow her to have a dog, C.J. is going through some tough times. Molly’s job is to stay hidden in C.J.’s room, cuddle up to her at night, and protect her from bad people. And no matter what Gloria does to separate them, nothing will keep Molly away from the girl that she loves.

    buy gabapentin 100mg uk
    Study Guide no slide – Puppy Tales
  • Study Guide no slide – Puppy Tales

    Shelby's Story Study guide

    Shelby doesn’t remember much of her early life—only that she was always hungry and cold. Then one day, Shelby is rescued by a kind woman, and things change forever. She soon finds herself on a movie set, and her new life is filled with challenges and rewards. She learns things like to Go Mark, Cut, and Dig. Her rewards include squeaky toys, yummy chicken, and best of all, love and affection from castmates and crew. Everyone loves Shelby! And so will young readers and movie fans.

    buy gabapentin online usa
Activity Kits
  • "Ellie's Story" Activity Kit

    Mazes, word scrambles, coloring and other fun activities to make reading along with "Ellie's Story" even more engaging for young readers. Download the kit here, free.

    buy neurontin
    Study Guide Slider – Activities and Grant app
  • Study Guide Slider – Activities and Grant app

    "Shelby's Story" Activity Kit

    A word-search and a maze for free downloading and printing make reading this story more enjoyable for younger readers!

    neurontin 800mg