9780765374691The newest from W. Bruce Cameron: Children's novels

Ellie's Story, a novel for children adapted from A Dog's Purpose.

A Dog's Purpose has been enjoyed by children of all ages, and has been adapted for classroom use (see below).

To make the exciting story of Ellie, the search and rescue dog in A Dog's Purpose, more accessible to elementary school readers, author Cameron now offers Ellie's Story, the story of a very good dog.

Ellie is a little puppy when she is adopted by Ethan, a K-9 police officer who trains her in search and rescue. She learns words like "work," which means to "find" lost or injured people and "show" Jakob where these people are. But Jakob has a troubled past and is emotionally detached from his new dog, something Ellie can sense. Together they find and save people, and Ellie takes comfort from the work she is doing.

When Jakob is hurt in the line of duty, Ellie goes to live and work with Maya, a woman who isn't sure she can fulfill the physical component of her new job of handling Ellie. Maya's struggles contrast with a new element in Ellie's life—Maya is full of love for Ellie, and brings the dog into her family. A family which, to Ellie's disgust, contains three cats.

This is an exciting story for children with a character they will love. In the end, Maya and Ellie meet up with Jakob, who has married and now has an open and caring heart, and Ellie is happy and at peace with her life.


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Bailey's Story is now in stores! 

Due to the enormous success of Ellie’s Story, Ellie is now joined by Bailey, another of the A Dog’s Purpose dogs with their very own children’s novel. 

Bailey’s Story, a novel for children adapted from A Dog’s Purpose

Life is just wonderful for Bailey, a rambunctious Golden Retriever puppy who is adopted by his boy, Ethan. And life seems pretty good for Ethan, too: there’s a farm he visits in the summer (where a girl named Hannah lives down the road) and he has a family and is something of a football star at school.

When a house fire permanently injures Ethan, his spirits go into a downward spiral. It’s up to his faithful friend Bailey to pull him out of the doldrums—a task for which a dog is ideally suited!



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"Ellie's view of the world is spot-on, feeling just like the thoughts dogs must have.... A satisfying and illuminating tale." – Kirkus Reviews

"Cameron has written other books about dogs for adults, and this one is a charming and delightful story about what it means to be a working dog . . . [Ellie's Story] is a must for middle school libraries." – Voya

"Ellie's Story is heartwarming and suspenseful . . . Verdict; A fine read for young animal lovers." – School Library Journal 


You can Download an ACTIVITY KIT for Ellie's Story here:

Activity Kit

Additional resources for A Dog's Purpose include:

  • Free Study Guides
  • Matching Grant Program – providing books for your classroom. (Up to 100% of costs covered)

If you’ve read Cameron's novels; Dog's Purpose or the sequel A Dog's Journey, you are aware of the potential for using these novels to seize the imaginations of your students, and to get them thinking beyond the written page and into the deeper, more profound aspects of the story. Indeed, both books have been successfully used in grades as young as 5th and as old as 12th.

Using feedback from these real world experiences, a pair of educators has created a study guide to assist teachers in using both books in the classroom.  This study guide is available for download, free. The guide has been aligned to the CCR national standards and specific comprehension questions have been designed to meet these standards.  Vocabulary development has been pre-leveled for students as: middle school level, high school level, and advanced level.  

You may download the study guide here.

If you are interested in the matching grant program, with grants up to 100% of the purchase price (no shipping costs):
You may download a grant application here.

Note the grant program is available only for soft-bound copies of A Dog's Purpose.

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