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THE A DOG'S PURPOSE SERIESadp-dotwa dogs journey

This beloved two-book series was camped on theNY Times bestseller list for over a year and is the basis for the DreamWorks/Walden Media movie starring Bradley Cooper. A very special dog finds himself reborn several times, learning many lessons and ultimately deciding he will continue to be reincarnated until he finds his purpose. An uplifting novel with heart and a wonderful message of hope and love.

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 doc-dotwThe Dogs of Christmas

When an isolated loner living in a cabin in the mountains comes to inherit something he's never had before-a dog-and the dog promptly delivers a litter of puppies, his life is, well, changed. Now he must cope with this canine family, find homes for them, and try to win the affections of a certain woman, all by Christmas. A feel-good novel of puppies during the holidays.

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emorysEmory's Gift

Charlie is adrift. His mother has recently died, and his father has withdrawn into a shell of grief. And Charlie is in eighth grade, tortured by his lack of social graces, feeling cut off because he's the weird boy whose mom died. So when Charlie becomes convinced he can make friends with, and even communicate with, a grizzly bear he encounters in the woods, it seems to the boy like the only normal thing in an otherwise abnormal world. The town, though, wants the bear destroyed. Charlie must lure his father out of his emotional isolation so that the two of them can unite to save the bear. Emory's Gift is a wonderful coming of age story with a surprisingly spiritual message.

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 DogmasterTHumbThe Dog Master

30,000 years ago, mankind was on the brink of extinction. A new Ice Age was descending from the north, dangerous predators hunted us, tribal warfare made travel treacherous, and starvation was a constant threat. Then we made friends with a mortal enemy, the wolf-changing the course of human history. This novel tells the fascinating story of how this amazing event literally saved humanity. It's the story of the very first dog.

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MidnightPlan2301432026114112The Repo Madness Series

Ruddy McCann was once the most beloved man in town, a local football hero with an assured ticket to the NFL. Then something happened to change everything. Now he's a lowly repo man in northern Michigan, a man with a voice in his head. Is it Repo Madness, a supposed malady that afflicts people who steal cars for a living? Because this voice insists it is, in fact, a real person, with his own life history. He also expects Ruddy to solve some crimes-starting with a murder. This series presents one of the most unique characters and situations in fiction today!

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 51h9HDshltL. SY344 BO1204203200 9780765374691Novels for Children 

To make the exciting story of Ellie, the search and rescue dog in A Dog's Purpose, more accessible to elementary school readers, author Cameron now offers Ellie's Story, the story of a very good dog.

Due to the enormous success of Ellie’s Story, Ellie is now joined by Bailey, another of the A Dog’s Purpose dogs with their very own children’s novel. 

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8 simplefor marryingremodelHumor/Other Fiction

Cameron’s books, whether humor, mystery or historical fiction are consistently higher reader rated than blockbusters like The Hunger Games or The Game of Thrones, and are world bestsellers in over 35 countries.


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